Screening Instruments

Follow the links below for more information on screening instruments:

Parent Youth Mania Rating Scale (YMRS)

Pediatric Bipolar Screen

English version.

Pediatric Bipolar Screen

Spanish version.

Medication Compliance

Prediction questionnaire.

ATEC Autism Scale

While there is a wide range of symptoms for persons in the autistic spectrum, the ATEC Autism Scale is a quick symptom assessment. It is not fool proof and needs to be evaluated by a skilled diagnostician.

Amen Test for ADD

ADD is also a slippery diagnosis. Dr. Daniel Amen has come up with a 101 item questionnaire, that allows the skilled diagnostician to assess what regions of the brain are underfunctioning. This gives us a handle on what kinds of protocols we need for training the brain with Neurofeedback.

VA scale for PTSD

This is the current official  test for PTSD used by the US Departments of Defense and the Veterans Administration. It was updated in 2013.  Scoring has been used for the determination of the rate of disability of a veteran. For active duty personnel a high score may produce a medical discharge and subsequent disability rating.


Neurofeedback techniques have evolved with surprising speed over the past few years. Much of the progress has been due to the pioneering, results-driven clinical work done by Sue Othmer. In collaboration with Siegfried Othmer who has provided the theoretical explanations for their work, EEG Neurofeedback has moved from QEEG based training to symptom driven training. Along with that has come the development of new instrumentation and software that allow for Very Low Frequency training.

Physical Therapy for the Brain

"Neurofeedback addresses the physiological basis of behavior, the aspects that are accessible to us by virtue of our innate brain plasticity. With the appropriate set of tools, one then observes what can be accomplished in a training paradigm. Neurofeedback can be considered physical therapy for the brain." Siegfried Othmer, PhD, Chief Scientist, EEGinfo.

Client Testimonials

Who knew anxiety was hobbling my brain? Certainly not I. But sometimes you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone, and that is the case for me and my underlying anxiety. Everything from mundane chores to professional responsibilities is now less of a hassle. It seems like magic. F.W.

I feared my child with autism would never be able to attend school. After 20 sessions of counseling and Neurofeedback, he is attending school and handles himself well in social situations. We are continuing with the sessions because we see ongoing improvement. S.W.